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                            LOW PROFILE CONVEYORS


MPB Optimizer
Wire Mesh Belt
Dual Belt Indexer
Carousel AccuMove
Round Belt
End Drive
Center Drive
Flex-Side Cleated
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Conveyor Technologies Ltd. has set a new standard in Low Profile Conveyors with the integration of (14) different conveyor types. The result is a selection unparalleled in performance, durability, and value.

MPB Optimizer
         *NEW*     Modular Plastic Belt Conveyor

AccuVision Internal Backlit Conveyor

           L.E.D. Illumination for Vision Inspection Applications.

Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors

           Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Belt.

Dual Belt Indexing Conveyor

            Dual Timing Belt Indexing Conveyor

Carousel Indexing Conveyor

            Increased Capacity for Parts to be Conveyed in a Vertical Position

Round Belt Conveyors

            Uniform Conveying of small unstable products.

End Drive Conveyors

Type "A" represents the foundation of Conveyor Technologies' line, and provides outstanding performance, and durability.

Center Drive Conveyors

Type "B" is ideal for applications requiring longer Conveyors, minimal space requirements at in feed and discharge ends, as well as product overhang.

Cleated Conveyors

Type "C" is suited for incline material flow, spacing products on Conveyor, part segregation.

Flex-Side Cleated Conveyors

Type "E" is suitable for small product and applications where it is not desirable for product to contact a fixed side.

AccuMove Conveyors

Precision Indexing Conveyors

FlexLoc Conveyors with Convertible Holder System

Ideal for Processing, Laser Printing, Assembly and Vision Inspection Applications.

Vacuum Conveyors

Sides and Guides

Standard Selection and Mounting Configurations.


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Last modified: 05/11/2015