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Conveyor Technologies “DUAL TRACK ROUND BELT LOW PROFILE CONVEYORS” offer an efficient method of conveying small unstable products in a desired and repetitive position. These units incorporate a product guide system which permits close lateral positioning while providing open access to portions of the lower surface for vision inspection, printing or other functions. Lateral positioning of belts can allow handling a broad range of products. The increased part stability can allow higher conveying speeds for increased production.  

The round belt minimizes surface contact with the part, which makes it ideal for drying, or reducing product contamination. Because the belt has no fibers it is well suited for Clean Room Applications. The solid Urethane belt construction offers excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, and requires no tensioning or tracking adjustments. Belts are true Self – Tracking, permitting operation in both directions without lateral position deviation.

Multiple section units permit smooth transitions for changing product speeds, or exposing different areas of bottom of product, or merely extending travel distance.

Figures (1) through (5) depict just a few typical examples which can be effectively handled with the “ROUND BELT DUAL TRACK” System.

Standard literature for Dual Track Round Belt Conveyors is not yet available. Should you desire a quotation please include a drawing of the part to be conveyed and a description of the positioning on the belts. Also provide the following data.

A) Length of conveyor.

B) Weight of part.

C) Maximum number of parts on conveyor.

D) Speed range.


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Figure 5



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