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The efforts of Conveyor Technologies Ltd. and a leading manufacturer of Modular Plastic Belting have resulted in a remarkable line of Modular Belt Conveyors that offer optimum over-all performance, durability and belt life.  These conveyors combine the latest in beneficial technology, with time proven belting manufacturer’s recommendations that contribute to this over-all superiority.  “Automatic controlled back tension” maintains proper belt and sprocket engagement contributing to increased life of belt and sprockets.  A secondary function of this action is to eliminate the negative effects of linear belt variations caused by wear, load, and thermal change.  Sprockets are sized to provide low chordal action to achieve smooth operation, reduced sprocket and belt wear, lower noise, and belt pulsation, and improved conveyed products mobile stability. Dynamic belt tracking at both ends of conveyor eliminates belt edge, and retainer wear created by static edge tracking, as well as lateral belt drift.  This same system reduces both belt and sprocket wear created by the drive and tail sprockets through a self-synchronizing pre-loading action.  A consistent 200 degree drive pulley wrap maintained by the uniform back tension, enhances belt and sprocket engagement while reducing wear.  This “Automatic Back Tension” can be readily augmented for higher speeds and loads.  To ease maintenance, end drive units permit rapid access to the interior without separating or removing the belt.  Precise bearing alignment is insured by exclusive use of heavy-duty, self-aligning, sealed ball bearings. All bearings are included in the two-year unlimited hour warranty.  A unique internal belt support system allows removing supports without belt removal.  Belt wear and temperature generated by these supports has also been greatly reduced.  Thermal compensation of internal supports prevents buckling and its related wear.  All units incorporate a reduced height beyond the drive end to allow fitting into shallow height applications.  Conveyors are available with entry nose bar for small part transfer.  Units are offered in .5 or 1 inch pitch belting in widths from 2 to 24 inches and lengths to 29 feet.  Quiet, compact drives occupying approximately one-half the space of conventional systems, are free of high wear couplings, belts, chain, and sprockets.  These gearmotor units are totally free of “Conventional Routine Maintenance”, and can be replaced, ready to run, in under five minutes.  Unlike other units, drives do not require disengagement when threading the belt through the conveyor.

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