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Webster defines warranty as “THE SELLER’S ASSURANCE TO THE PURCHASER THAT THE GOODS OR PROPERTY IS OR SHALL BE AS REPRESENTED AND, IF NOT, WILL BE REPLACED OR REPAIRED.”  This assurance becomes questionable when warranties exclude a high percentage of the major wear items on the conveyor.  Most customers are willing to incur a slightly higher initial cost for a unit that would function for a greatly extended time period with minimal maintenance over one that also requires part replacement during the same time period.  This is because replacement down time costs can exceed many times the cost of the entire conveyor.    

Modern Low Profile Conveyors have two rotating pulleys supported on anti-friction (rolling) bearings.  With the exception of the belt, these two pulley assemblies are the ONLY conveyor components subject to major fatigue and wear.  These two pulleys rely on the BEARINGS which are the “Heart” of the conveyor to provide reliable durability.  Any warranty regardless of its time limit, that excludes bearings, may be of little value, since there are no other major wear items on the conveyor or drive which are covered by many warranties. 

Self-Aligning, sealed for life ball bearing units of proper capacity are the number one choice for Low Profile Conveyor bearings.  These bearings have been known to run on a 24/7 basis for over four years without any maintenance.  This type bearing is comprised of (3) basic elements-outer race, rolling element, and inner race, with an ample sealed lubricant.  Some conveyors utilizing “shell type needle bearings” also have these (3) basic elements with one major difference.  The inner race although an integral part of the bearing system is not part of the basic bearing element manufactured by the bearing company.  The journals of the drive pulley and tail shaft comprise the inner race.  Damage or fatigue of any bearing element would likely require replacement of the drive pulley and tail shaft, unlike the ball bearing which confines damage to just the bearing.  Should any manufacturer using this needle bearing construction exclude bearings from their warranty, the drive pulley and tail shaft might also be excluded since they are an integral part of the bearing.  It would be wise to confirm warranty coverage on this type drive pulley and tail shaft when subjected to bearing failure.  Replacement cost of these items can be rather high 

Some manufactures promote their product as “maintenance free”, and then state in their warranty that the warranty does not apply if the failure was caused by lack of maintenance or improper maintenance.  This may cause the customer to incur the replacement cost because they were under a false impression regarding “maintenance free”.  Applying an hour limit on a warranty can also be miss-leading since a 1 year or 2100 hr. limit would result in only a (2.88 month) warranty if the unit was operating on a 24/7 basis.  In reality, the length of the warranty is meaningless if most of the items that might be replaced during the warranty period have been excluded.

Another item which can have a major effect on warranty cost is the pulley diameter.  Two conveyors with identical bearings and belting, running at the same belt speed, with (1) having a 1.25” diameter pulley, and the other with a 2” diameter will produce a drastic difference in bearing, and belting fatigue life.  The 2” diameter unit will provide approximately 60% greater bearing fatigue life due to the fact it is running at a much lower r.p.m. to produce the same belt speed.  The 2” pulley will also have a longer belt fatigue life because the belt surface stress on the 1.25” pulley is approximately 56% greater than that of the 2” pulley. 

For those considering the purchase of a new conveyor, it would be prudent to request a copy of the warranty with the quotation.  Any items not included in the warranty may indicate an abnormal rate of failure, especially if some others do not exclude these items.  

Refer to Conveyor Technologies Warranty   




Conveyor Technologies Ltd. warrants that this unit is free from defects in materials and workmanship and fit for the ordinary and designated purposes for which such goods are used, under normal installation, use and service for (2) years from date of purchase. Gear reducers are covered for (1) year. 

C.T.L. will replace any covered defective part within the warranty period, without charge, provided:  

1) The purchaser gives C.T.L. prompt written notice of the defect, including the date of purchase and original purchase order number.

2) The purchaser will then be given a return good authorization number (RGA#) which must be displayed on all labels and packing slips returned with merchandise. (See RGA section)

3) The purchaser pays for delivery of the defective part to C.T.L. for inspection and verification of the defect.

4) The purchaser shall pay all shipping and insurance charges for the replacement part from C.T.L. and the cost of installing the replacement part.

This warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts.  C.T.L. WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR  DAMAGES CAUSED BY ANY DEFECT IN THIS UNIT.

This warranty shall not apply if any failure of this unit or its parts is caused by unreasonable use, improper

 installation, maintenance, or repairs, incorrect adjustments, exposure to corrosive or abrasive material,

 moisture causing damage, or any modification or alteration affecting the operation of the unit which is not

 Authorized by C.T.L. in writing.  

This warranty shall not apply to the following items which are covered by their manufacturer’s warranty,

 subject to any limitation contained in those warranties.  

A) Motors

B) Controllers

C) Belts (Unless otherwise agreed to in writing)

CAUTION: Any attempt to repair such items may actually void the manufacturer’s warranty.  

Any description of this unit is only to identify it and is not a warranty that the unit fits the description.  Only an

Official of C.T.L. may make any warranties for Conveyor Technologies Ltd. Any warranties implied by law

 are limited in duration to the (2) year term of this warranty.  






The signed carrier’s receipt or bill of lading is acknowledgment by the transportation company of receipt in good condition of the shipment covered by our invoice bearing your order number.  

You should thoroughly inspect this shipment as soon as received.  

If any of the goods called for on the packing  list are short or damaged, do not accept them until the carrier’s agent makes a notation and provides a copy for you.  

If any concealed loss or damage is discovered, notify the carrier’s local agent at once and request him to make an inspection.  This is absolutely necessary.  Unless you do this, the transportation companies will not 

entertain any claim for loss of damage.  If the agent will not make an inspection, then you should make an affidavit that you notified him (on a certain date) and he failed to do so.  This with other papers, will properly

support your claim.  Do not order the transportation company to return to our factory any shipment until our company has authorized such return.



Anyone that has incurred (4) or more of the following common costs during their Conveyor’s warranty period, may find it prudent to review their overall cost.  

  1. Bearing cost.
  2. Gear reducer cost due to failure.
  3. Drive chain and sprocket replacement due to wear.
  4. Drive timing belt, or pulley cost due to wear
  5. Pulley or shaft replacement due to bearing inner rolling element directly inflicting damage.
  6. Pulley replacement due to knurl wear.
  7. Flex coupling cost.
  8. Pre-mature belt replacement due to “V”-Guide wear.
  9. Pre-mature belt replacement due to splice fatigue failure.
  10. Belt replacement due to knurl abrasion.
  11. Belt mis-tracking or slipping due to knurl contamination, requiring belt removal to clean knurl.
  12. Periodic reducer oil changes.
  13. Routine lubrication of drive chain and sprockets.
  14. Routine bearing lubrication.



Conveyor Technologies Products can eliminate up to ninety-three percent (93%) of these costs during our warranty period, while decreasing the occurrence of the remaining percentage. An “AFTER WARRANTY BONUS” provides that up to 78% of these potential costs would always be eliminated. Our ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY frees our Customers from the vast majority of this re-occurring cost, and downtime.




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Last modified: 05/11/2015