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The actual cost of your conveyor drive can vary from the cost shown on your quotation.

The erector set approach taken by some manufacturers can add a substantial amount to your purchase price.

The following assembly procedure was extracted from a common manufacturer’s maintenance manual as shown on their web site, and covers installation of a heavy duty side drive.

1.      Run tracking screw in (away from block)

            2.      Remove (2) 5/16 nuts on conveyor bearing plate  

3.      Remove tracking block  

4.      Unpack drive package  

5.      Remove (4) screws holding mounting plate to drive casting  

6.      Place mounting plate over (2) studs where 5/16 nuts were removed  

7.      Replace (2) 5/16 nuts, and tighten  

8.      Position shaft key  

9.      Rotate drive pulley by hand to bring key to 12 o’clock position  

10.  Rotate input quill on reducer to bring keyway in coupling half to 12 o’clock position  

11.  Align keyway in coupling with key in pulley shaft and slide drive package onto shaft, bringing it against mounting plate  

12.  Insert (2) screws into casting and tighten  

13.  Insert wrench through hole in casting and tighten set screw in coupling  

14.  Replace and tighten (2) remaining screws in casting  

15.  Back tracking screw out until it contacts mounting plate.  

16.  Determine proper plug and remove 1/4 pipe plug in reducer (review reducer instructions)  

17.  Check to be sure oil is in reducer (fill if required, review reducer instructions)  

18.  Remove 2-piece vent plug from packet and screw brass section into plastic body  

19.  Install vent assembly into ¼ pipe tap  

20.  Unpack motor from box  

21.  Pull key out of keyway ¼” and upset bottom of keyway 5/16” from end of key to prevent key from moving beyond this point  

22.  Replace key to be flush with end of motor shaft  

23.  Locate packet of anti-seize compound, and apply to motor shaft and reducer quill bore  

24.  Insert motor shaft into reducer quill bore while keeping key aligned to keyway  

25.  Rotate Motor to position terminal box in desired location  

26.  Insert (4) screws into motor flange and tighten  

NOTE:  (2) Procedures were eliminated since they serve no purpose what-ever  

Determine what your labor cost would be to perform these (26) functions, and add this to the cost of the drive package, and motor.  THIS is your TRUE drive cost.  

The following is Conveyor Technologies procedure for assembling a heavy duty side drive.  

1.      Unpack complete drive assembly  

2.   Remove coupling spider attached to drive casting, and insert into coupling half on pulley shaft  

3.   Insert drive assembly over pulley shaft while aligning coupling, and rotate into position against bearing plate           

4.      Install (4) screws through casting and into bearing plate and tighten  

Add this cost to your purchase price to determine your total cost.


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Last modified: 05/11/2015