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Conveyor Technologies dedication to offer its customers the "Ultimate" in Low Profile Conveyors has resulted in our providing leading innovation, performance, selection, and safety, with undoubtedly the lowest maintenance. Compared with two other domestic producers, Conveyor Technologies was the "first" to provide the (25) benefits listed below, and currently retain a virtual exclusiveness. It is our intent to pursue this innovation, so our expanding customer base will continue to profit from having the best at a competitive price.

1. Broadest selection of Modular Low Profile Conveyors utilizing, automatic tracking with "Full Width" high 
    response crowned pulleys, freedom from costly belt knurl abrasion, "Sealed Heavy-Duty Ball Bearings" free
    of off-center loading
, with "World Wide Availability", and "Proprietary" drive bearing mount that
    eliminates bearing related wear from pulley and mount while permitting easy bearing removal, combined with
    a dedicated "aligned" drive mounting.

2. "Totally Sealed", cleaner, cooler, and maintenance-free worm-gear reducer with 1 year unlimited hour

3. Extended life of bearing and pulley with "Highest Integrity" single piece pulley and drive shaft on primary
    Low Profile Conveyors, including Timing Belt series.

4. Sub-compact external drive with precise alignment, requiring only 50% or less of the space of other drives,
    while eliminating couplings, pulleys, belts, sprockets, chain, mounting brackets and assembly. Complete
    drive can be exchanged in as little as (3) minutes. Available in A.C. - D.C. - brushless D.C.

5. All standard lines of conveyors and drives, free of lubrication maintenance.

6. 2 Year Unlimited Hour Warranty that includes bearings on all standard conveyors.

7. Improved belt life, with less maintenance, utilizing "dual calibration gauges" for precise tensioning.

8. Maximum belt and bearing life through reduced belt flexure stress on primary Low Profile Conveyors, also
    allows more extensive belt selections.

9. Improved safety by positioning belt tensioning and tracking away from "HOT" drives, on all conveyors, and
    "drive belt" tensioning without guard removal.

10. Reduced maintenance and improved belt life with "Positive", Self-Cleaning, low wear tracking at exact
      center of transition angle on Multiple Level Conveyors.

11. Reduced down time, and greater safety, with rapid (2-minute) belt change on cantilever "Stand-Mounted" Low
      Profile Conveyor.

12. Quickest full range tension/tracking system.

13. Rapid stand height setting and improved safety utilizing "Preset Height" feature.

14. Selection of Modular Low Profile "Highest Precision" Flat, or Timing Belt Indexing Conveyors utilizing
       removable holders.

15. Patented "Removable, Maximum Strength, Part Holders" on both Flat, and Timing Belt Standard Index

16. Improved multiple position accuracy with "Part holder or Sub-Holder Calibration", on Standard Timing Belt
       Index Conveyor.

17. High accuracy "Lateral Guiding" of part holder and belt on standard lines of both Flat and Timing Belt
       Index Conveyors, combined with return support.

18. Standardized on compact, light-weight, cooler I.E.C. drives.

19. Modular variable height, full length, UHMW lined commercial side rails, providing rapid removal and
      optional two-axis adjustment.

20. Extended range two-axis commercial side rails with non-rotating cross blocks, and optional "Dual Preset
       Lateral Position Settings"
with tool-less selection.

21. High intensity uniform L.E.D. light field on Modular Low Profile Back-Lit Inspection Conveyors.

22. Standard Modular Low Profile line of Stainless Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors, for high temperature parts, or
       draining wet parts

23. Standard Modular Low Profile line of Round Belt Conveyors, for conveying small unstable parts in a desired

24. Standard Modular Low Profile line of Vacuum Conveyors with isolated vacuum chamber, for reduced operating
       cost, and cleaner operation.

25. Pursue "Proactive Maintenance" in the design of all its products to "Eliminate" common problem areas, and
      drastically reduce maintenance.

Note: The term "Low Profile Conveyor" used here-in is defined as a conveyor with 1"through 2" diameter pulleys, and a maximum belt width of 24". While C.T.L. offers a "magnetic" conveyor, it is not a Low Profile since it utilizes a 3" diameter lagged pulley, for greater pulling force, and compatibility with the encased magnetic element.

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Last modified: 05/11/2015